ThisΒ handy printable resourceΒ provides more information on the WHO’sΒ  pandemic treaty’s.

This resource can be used to keep yourself up to date with the current status of the WHO’s International Health Regulation Amendments and the new Pandemic Treaty.

These treaties are a moving feast, the negotiations in Geneva continue, and the final versions of the documents that Australia and the other 193 member states will be asked to vote on at the end of May 2024 HAVE NOT BEEN PRODUCED – how can Australia be asked to vote on something we’ve had no time to consider?

Please share this with friends and family, or when making contact with your MP. It is a useful introduction and gives some suggestions as to what the immediate next steps could reasonably be.

Also attached are the April 2024 draft versions of the two treaty documents in which we have highlighted various sections – they cross reference to the printable resource:


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